Instilling Trust, Creating Possibilities

Automate your identity verification woes and impart a smooth
customer experience with the power of CSKAA AI.

CSKAA Visitors

Quick Features

 Simple to use and integrate

  Flexible and Cost-efficient

 Accurate recording of visitors

  Handle your visitor's pre-scheduled as well as unscheduled visits

More Visitors. More Efficiency. No Hassle. No Bookkeeping. How?

In this fast-paced technology-driven world, manual registration and bureaucratic management is what they call – a “degeneration”. However, CSKAA has a solution – a solution to help you transition.

CSKAA’ tailored and interactive visitor management system maximizes your front desk’s efficiency by managing and recording visitor data. Your guests will not only go through a faster and an efficient process to visit you but would also vouch for your professionalism. CSKAA’ technology can handle immense quantities of data without you having to manually record and maintain the tangible logs. This will help your employees to channelise their time into the more important elements of your business.

“Changing to self-service removed the social friction.” - Ryan Buell , Intersection of Operations and Customer Behavior professor at the Harvard Business School. (source -